2007-08-24. New items today... A total of 24. I will take pics and scans and add them into the lists in the days to come. Until then, here is the list.

One 7" (cbs/sony japan `89, promo with insert cover)

Mandatory Metallica (7 songs, aka first press)

Kill Em All (cbs/sony japan 88, with two bonus tracks, lyrics & obi strip (25DP 5339) + The Poster.

...And Justice For All (elektra usa `88, promo copy with promo labels, gold stamp & different stickers)

...And Justice For All (elektra usa 88, first press with long box cover & sticker)

Sad But True (phonogram/vertigo france 93, with card cover, silver cd)

Sad But True (Cds vertigo germany `93, with sticker & tattoo)

The Unforgiven (phonogram/vertigo france `91, cd single w/ date sticker & tattoo)

Nothing Else Matters (Promo cd single, vertigo england `92, edit version)

Hero Of The Day (mercury/vertigo australia `96, cd one with card cover, sticker & free sticker)

Whiskey In The Jar (Vertigo Mexico, Promo in card cover) (couldnt find this one on hectors site, but im sure im just being mr magoo)

S&M Sampler in card cover Promo USA, PRCD 1429-2

Nothing Else Matters 7" Vertigo Germany

Sad But True 7" vertigo england/france `93, with black plastic labels.

Wherever I May Roam 7", vertigo england/france `92, with silver labels

The Unforgiven 12", Promo, vertigo england `92 with insert.

And Justice For All 12" (Promo) elektra usa 88, edit & album versions with elektra sleeve ("play it, say it" sticker)

One 12" (Promo, elektra usa 88, edit & album versions with elektra sleeve, `SP` matrix)

Wherever I May Roam 12" (vertigo england 92, gatefold sleeve w/ `creeping death` listed on label (METAL 912)

Nothing Else Matters 12" (vertigo holland 92, with green text on back cover, incorrect speed on labels (866 709-1)

Kill Em All (music for nations england/france 87, double lp in gatefold sleeve, second label (MFN 7 DM)

Jump In The Fire (Cassette, Music For Nations England)

Whiplash (Cassette, Megaforce USA)

The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Revisited (Cassette, Elektra USA)


2007-08-10. I have been going through some of my collection and noticed that i hadn't updated some old stuff i got a year ago so now i have entered 8-10 items. Fan Can 5, Justice Japan Cd, Two different Metallicans and some cd's, so nothing fancy but still.

2007-08-08. I'm back in the game once again and it's been almost one year away from collecting because of bad economy. I have gotten a few items during this period and been to a show or two, and i will update the site with pics of the new items as well as the tickets from the shows. Look out, here i come.

2006-09-07. I have begun scanning all my vids and dvd's, well all that i have found anyways.. I know some of them are hiding in the basement somewhere. I will probably be done with that sometime tomorrow, but i feel a little bit lazy so it could take two more days.. Nothing in the mail today, and that spells a bad day for a collector.

2006-09-06. I have completed the new layout for the Official & Bootleg 7" Vinyl Singles page...check it out. I have also updated the Official Cd's page with the sealed SKOM With T-Shirt.

2006-09-05. I have updated the Cassette page with the new layout. Im done scanning the 7" Vinyl singles and i have started to make the new page for this. It will probably be up and running sometime tomorrow.

I've also recieved SKOM Sealed With T-Shirt today, and i will put it on my list tomorrow.

2006-09-04. I thought that i would keep a "log" of all the news regarding my collection and this site. I have 8 incoming items as of today.

1.Metallican UK (first 5.000 copies)

2.Ride The Lightning Elektra/Megaforce White Label Promo With Gold Stamp (USA)

3...And Justice For All (Japan+OBI Cd)

4.Fan Can 5

5.Some Kind Of Monster With T-Shirt (Sealed)

6.Metallican UK (It will be my 4th)

7.Metallican USA (My 2nd)

8.Live Shit Box (3cd/3vhs - my 4th)

Im getting many of these in a package deal that's why i bought them so they will be up for a trade/sale soon.

Im still working on the new layout for all the areas of the collection. If you have not noticed already there is a new layout on the Bootleg Cd's page, check it out.

Im Currently scanning all my 7" vinyls, and i will update as soon as it's done.

I've also done some small changes on the startpage, but nothing major.