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News! Added 6 New Items Today.

/Mats 2007-09-24.

I Currently Have 622 Items Listed And I Add To The List (Almost) Everyday.

If You Want Or Need Pics Or Scans Of Any Of The Listed Items Just Drop Me An E-mail And I'll Take Care Of It.

This Site Is Under Constructions, More Pics To Come.

I Have Tons Of Merchandise Unlisted But I'll Get To It In Good Time, If You're Looking For Anything Specific Just Drop Me An E-mail, And I'll Check My Collection.

The Items On This Site Is NOT For Sale, But I Will Do Trades.


By The Way! I Am A PROUD Member Of "The Metallica Collectors Club". And If You Are In To Serious Metallica Collecting, Then There Is No Place Like This.

This Community Is Full Of Great Individuals With One Love In Common, Collecting The Greatest Band Of All Times...METALLICA.

Check It Out!



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